Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Peace"--in the Sharia Sense of the Word

Look who's a featured speaker at the 19th Annual Gandhi Peace Festival, a McMaster U shindig--none other than the Zion-loathers' favourite Zion-loathing Jew (one of them, anyway), Richard Falk. And even better, another "peace" spiel is co-sponsored by Cordoba House, a.k.a the folks behind the Ground Zero mosque (h/t NAG group).

Whassup with Hindus being used by those favouring the Islamist agenda (which, obviously, does not favour the Hindus)? Don't the Gandhi-lovers know that their conception of "peace" is qualitatively different from the Islamists' (who see "peace" as what will come to pass only once Islam is firmly in charge for good)?

Update: "Peace" speaker Dr. Atif Kubursi champions the Palestinians' "right of return" (which is "peace-like" in the "rest in peace, Jewish Israel" sense).

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