Sunday, September 18, 2011

"Peace"--in the Sharia Sense of the Word

Look who's a featured speaker at the 19th Annual Gandhi Peace Festival, a McMaster U shindig--none other than the Zion-loathers' favourite Zion-loathing Jew (one of them, anyway), Richard Falk. And even better, another "peace" spiel is co-sponsored by Cordoba House, a.k.a the folks behind the Ground Zero mosque (h/t NAG group).

Whassup with Hindus being used by those favouring the Islamist agenda (which, obviously, does not favour the Hindus)? Don't the Gandhi-lovers know that their conception of "peace" is qualitatively different from the Islamists' (who see "peace" as what will come to pass only once Islam is firmly in charge for good)?

Update: "Peace" speaker Dr. Atif Kubursi champions the Palestinians' "right of return" (which is "peace-like" in the "rest in peace, Jewish Israel" sense).


Dean said...

Is this an Islamic festival? What happened to the Hindu perspective? McMaster Peace Studies is actually the Department of Islamic relations. Recall Falk's cartoon caper ( after removing it he apologized to dogs for comparing them to Jews. A real Gandhi peace activist! Mind you, as peace activists go, Gandhi is no saint, having advised the Jews of Germany to give peace a chance and not resist those hot ovens. Kubursi travels around the country on a big McMaster University salary as the Palestinian spokesperson - ignoring his Egyptian Christian roots and the pathetic state of his country as it moves from dictatorship to Muslim Brotherhood theocracy. He must not care too much about the peril of Christians in Egypt because he spends his time supporting and speaking in defense of terrorists.

Dean said...

And what is a Gandhi peace conference without the obligatory McGill professor speaking passionately about the terrible Islamophobia invading North America - so onerous and difficult for Muslims that Islam happens to be the fastest growing religion in the North America. How can you as Christians, Jews and Hindus not feel self-loathing connected to monstrous support for the war on terrorism and negative views of sharia and jihad. Shame, shame on us all - recant while there is still time and apologize for your religion and culture!

Shawn said...

Dr. Kubursi is not Egyptian.