Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Driving 4 'Palestine'

Right on schedule, the Wahhabis have come out in favour of a Palestinian state.

I say let 'em have statehood--just as soon as Saudi chicks can drive.

Update: Wahhabi P.R.--"Sugary dates, Persian calligraphy, colourful contemporary art, henna designs and holy Zamzam water from Mecca..."

Update: Raheel Razza has a terrific letter in the National Post:
Re: Saudi Women Allowed To Vote. Next Driving?, Sept. 26.

Forgive me if I don't bend down in gratitude to King Abdullah, ruler of Saudi Arabia as he makes a "historic decision" that women are "capable of rational thinking and decision making . and can express correct opinions and advice."

The patronizing and condescending tone of this "permission" goes against the core of human rights and makes me sick to my stomach. Perhaps some Saudi women are celebrating because they have been kept for so long in ignorance of the rights given to them by Islam, which allowed them 1,400 years ago to ask for divorce and marriage, get inheritance, keep their earned wages, their maiden names and be equally represented in the mosque.

The real test of the Saudi rules would be to set these women free to do what they want, wear what they want, travel without a male counter signature and to speak out to reclaim their rights. Yet feminists are gloating at how "democratic" this small step is. What does this say about our collective support for women in theocracies when we celebrate bits of freedom thrown to them like tidbits to slaves.

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