Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Mahmoud Abbas Channels His Inner Billy Joel Channeling His Inner Ray Charles

Blame it on this Globe and Mail op-ed bollocks--"Palestine's state of mind":

Some folks like to blow up Jews,
Watch it on the news,
Makes 'em sing and dance.
Hop a flight to Miami Beach
Wearin' 'sploding pants.
I'm takin' a jet plane,
And I sure ain't flyin' blind.
I'm in a statehood state of mind.

Seen all the "peace talks" fail,
And I'm gonna wail that it's statehood time.
How else can we all "return" and repair that crime?
I know what we're needin'--
That Naqba's got us primed.
I'm in a statehood state of mind.

It was so easy livin' hand to mouth.
Skimming lots of shekels from the Yanks.
But now I need a lot more Lebensraum.
So Jews'll lose their planes and tanks.

Comes down to reality--
What's reality? This is the UN.
Don't care to come back and do it all again.
I know it's my moment,
And my moment is divine.
I'm in a statehood state of mind...

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