Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Toronto Mayor a Grinch for Nixing Christmas Prezies for Poor Kids?

That what the Globe and Mail's Michael Babad, who's "disgusted," contends:
I know this is an obvious attack point for a bleeding heart, and I also know that governments at every level are scrambling to cut in the post-recession era. But still, getting rid of an agency that pulls together Christmas toys for underprivileged kids?  
That's what Toronto's politicians decided yesterday with the Christmas Bureau, one of several measures to save about $28-million, The Globe and Mail's Elizabeth and Patrick White report. That's less than what had been proposed, and many things survived Mayor Rob Ford's quest to cut down the gravy.

Toronto is Canada's financial showcase, home to its banks and its premiere stock exchange, drawing business visitors from around the world. With a jobless rate of 8.1 per cent, is this really what we want to show the world? 
I'm all for sharing the Christmas spirit with underprivileged kids, but there's absolutely no reason why a government "Christmas Bureau," for heaven's sake, should be the one to do it.


Sanwin said...

You mean the writer is Michael Bad, said with a stutter?

scaramouche said...

No,no, he's Michael Good. We're the bad ones, because of our "heartlessness."