Monday, September 19, 2011

Obama's Telephone Diplomacy Bound to Get a Busy Signal

Shades of the Cold War's "hot line" between the U.S. and Russia, the Obama administration wants to establish a direct phone the freaking Ayatollah! From the WSJ:
WASHINGTON—A series of "near-miss" encounters between American and Iranian forces in the Persian Gulf is pushing U.S. officials concerned about a broader conflict to weigh establishing a direct military hot line with the Islamic republic.
U.S officials said they are especially worried about a fleet of speedboats likely controlled by the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps, Tehran's elite military force. The high-performance boats, which can be equipped with missiles, regularly challenge U.S. and allied warships that transit through the Persian Gulf...
Let's see: they think you're Great Satan. They're building nukes. They plan to wipe Israel off the map. They want to be the strongest horse in the Dar al Islam stable. And you think a "hot line" to the Ayatollah is going to help?

What makes you think he'd take your call?

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Rick said...

So if they're worried about the little speedboats being a threat, shoot them out of the water. Self defense is still legal. A few .50 cal rounds should send them scurrying for cover, or to martyrdom. Either way win win.