Saturday, September 17, 2011

Straight Shooting in the Toronto Sun

Michael Coren writes:
We in the West downplay the importance of religion and assume everybody thinks like us. Religion is everything in the Middle East, and social justice comparatively irrelevant.
We also have no idea of the significance of 1924 -- the year the last caliph left Turkey and the international caliphate, the Ottoman Muslim Empire, evaporated.

Usual types

We see that as a progressive, enlightened thing. Those who murdered us on 9/11, and those we still fight in the Islamic world, see it as the great catastrophe. They want a new caliphate, where the Muslim faith dominates, and all of the so-called humiliations of the past are reversed. The usual types in Canada think that if Palestine becomes a reality, if we are really nice to people in hijabs, all will be OK.
I think he means you, Sister Brothers.

Also in the Sun, Salim Mansur writes:
The remarks by Prime Minister Stephen Harper in a CBC interview that “the major threat is still Islamicism,” generated predictable controversy by the usual suspects on the left.
On the contrary, the PM needs to be applauded for stating without any ambivalence what most Canadians and people increasingly in the West see for themselves.

This is the level of indiscriminate violence perpetrated by Islamists, or the jihadist segment of the Arab-Muslim population, against those who disagree with them, and the organized efforts of Islamists with their apologists in the West to subvert liberal democracy.

Indeed, it is most refreshing to hear Harper, leader of a G8 country, speak candidly and in sharp contrast to previous prime ministers on matters vital to the national interest and security of Canada.

But the contrast between Harper’s candour and the obsequiousness of President Obama when it comes to speaking about Islamism -- former prime minister Margaret Thatcher of Britain very rightly described it as Bolshevism in our day and age -- is even starker and bleak...
"Starker & Bleak"--sounds like the name of a firm of shysters in a Dickens novel, no? (Who sez us chicks ain't funny?)

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