Friday, September 23, 2011

Liberals Detect "Jew-Hate," Demand "Hater" Be Punished for His "Hatefulness"

None of Ontario's political parties had any comment about the fire-breathing Zionhass that was on display on the Ayatollah's Al Quds Day, celebrated with Hezbo flags and age-old blood libels on the hallowed grounds of Ontario's legislature; to opine on such an event would require both courage and savvy, neither of which are generally manifested by our province's milquetoasty, mealy-mouthed political class. (Have you heard even one of them criticize the public school mosqueteria? Of course not.) But some NDP putz utters the word "Nazi" in a podcast, and don't the hyper-sensitive antennae suddenly perk up, and doesn't it elicit much sturm und drang as the Liberals, mustering their highest dudgeon (which is pretty damned high), demand that the NDP leader (a "Naziism-minimizer," according to a Liberal spinmeister) axe the alleged "hater"?

The funny thing is that the podcasts do reveal the candidate to have it in for an all-too popular scapegoat--but not the one you think:
The NDP questioned the Liberal strategy of trying to paint their candidate as a Nazi defender with out-of-context quotes. But the Liberals continued highlighting more quotes from Mr. Marco’s podcast, though they didn't specify if they were suggesting they found them offensive, too:
  • “I went to Catholic church. I was even an altar boy for a long period of time and I’m proud to say was never been molested once.”
  • “I’m probably unabashedly atheist for the most part.”
  • “If you choose to have your faith in God ... or you choose to have your faith in aliens from outer space, whatever, so be it. Just don’t cut me off while I’m driving, don’t try to take advantage of me and screw me over with some sort of bizarre sort of financial Ponzi scheme.”
One quote from Mr. Marco’s book-burning podcast rant the Liberals have not taken issue with is his last line, where he sets his sights on Canadian pop star Justin Bieber’s autobiography.

“If you want something to burn and feel good about it, burn Bieber’s book.”  
Burn the Biebs? Shame on you, Mr. Marco.  For that you should be canned.

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