Sunday, September 18, 2011

Interfaith Chicanery Takes a Quantum (i.e. a Global) Leap

OnIslam has news about an exciting new scam, er, scheme, er, samosa-fest:
CAIRO – A prominent Britain-based Muslim scholar announced his plans to issue a historic global peace declaration next week in London, protesting against terrorism and educating the whole world against anti-Muslim racism and xenophobia.
“We want to give the message to the whole of the Muslim world … that this is Islam and what it stands for: peace, harmony, tolerance, moderation and love and compassion for humanity,” Dr Muhammad Tahir-ul-Qadri told The Independent on Sunday, September 18.

“This message will go out all over the world, from coast to coast.”
The peace declaration would be announced during the ‘Peace for Humanity Conference 2011’ at Wembley Arena next Saturday.

It will call for an end to terrorism and for the protection of human rights in new Arab regimes.

It is expected to be signed by major religious and political leaders, including David Cameron and the Archbishop of Canterbury.

The announcement celebration would also be attended by Tariq Jahan, whose son was killed in the Birmingham riots.

Qadri said the “historic document” was needed a decade after 9/11 to ensure that the Arab Spring became an opportunity for democracy and upholding of human rights.

In addition to terrorism condemnation and upholding human rights, the declaration calls for supporting interfaith relations between the Muslim world and the West.
“Number one will be the absolute condemnation of terrorism; number two the protection of complete human rights, as it is seen in the Western world and endorsed by the United Nations,” Qadri said.

It will also call for “support for the concept of humanity and fraternity between all cultures, religions and human beings”; “democracy and good governance in the Muslim world” and “total ecological and environmental responsibility”.

The influential Pakistani scholar, who lives in Canada, has issued a fatwa last May condemning suicide bombings as a brazen violation of peaceful Islamic tenets.
Known for his unequivocal condemnation of terrorism, Sheikh Qadri has issued several fatwas against suicide bombings and violence against innocent people.
He is famous for his emphasis on promoting integration and interfaith dialogue to tackle Islamophobia in the West...
Yes, because while we're busy "dialoguing" about our "Islamophobia" (but not their kafirophobia) and scarfing down platefuls of yummy samosas, we won't notice/won't care that sharia has quietly set up shop in our environs.

Update: According to his wiki entry, the cleric
views an Islamic state as a Muslim-majority country which respects freedom, the rule of law, global human rights (including religious freedom), social welfare, women's rights and the rights of minorities.[35]
He also claims that the first constitution of Madinah "declared the state of Madinah as a political unit". He also mentions that the constitution declared the "indivisible composition of the Muslim nation (Ummah)".[36]
With respect to constitutions, Tahir ul-Qadri says: "This was the constitution, which provided the guarantee of fundamental human rights in our history." He believes that "a constitution is a man-made law and by no means it can be declared superior to a God-made law."[36]
He believes in the Sovereignty of God’s law, that the Qur'an and Sunnah equates to State law, and that Islam encourages political activity. Tahir ul-Qadri sees Islam as a faith which allows political participation. He believes in democracy and human rights, and argues that rights are defined by Islam in Quran and Sunnah.
Looks like Cameron and the squishy Archbish didn't bother to google the "peace"-nik.


Carlos Perera said...

Well, as I pointed out in an earlier comment, societies of Anglo-Saxon derivation have a deeply-ingrained presumption that most people negotiate--or "dialogue"--in good faith. This is in most instances an admirable quality, and is largely responsible for the great economic prosperity and stores of social capital that said societies have enjoyed. The downside is that this presumption creates naive expectations when dealing with non-Anglo-Saxon peoples, as anyone who has done business in the Middle East, Africa, Latin America, or even Quebec will tell you. There, the negotiator sitting across the table from you will gladly take your _quid_, but will withhold his _quo_ unless you can compel him to yield it or get the money or specific performance up front.

In the context of "interfaith dialogue," the Moslem expectation is that you will give his religion favored--or even better, subsidized--status in your homeland, but he gets to deny you even minimal religious freedom in his, no matter what the plain language of an "interfaith accord" might say about reciprocity. Cultural Anglo-Saxons, even--or maybe especially--the intellectually sophisticated, have a truly difficult time accepting this reality, and will cling to it in the face of all evidence to the contrary . . . much as a five-year-old might when confronted with evidence that the Tooth Fairy does not really exist.

Anonymous said...

"Sheikh Qadri has issued several fatwas against suicide bombings and violence against innocent people."

Look very carefully at who he considers to be "innocent people" as many times kufr (i.e. non-Muslims) are not considered Innocent as they are considered to have rejected Islam. See for more information on Innocents and Guilt in Islam. Even other varieties of Muslims are considered apostates and thus guilty of rejecting the 'true' Islam i.e Not Innocent.

Too many people assume that their definitions of words coincide with others definitions of words, and Islamists are not about to disabuse you of this misunderstanding, after all, "War is Deceit".