Sunday, September 25, 2011

All Aboard the Obama Gaffe Express!


And here's one of my favourite train songs, rejigged for the man himself:

Riding on the Barack H. bandwagon,
Washington, D.C., squeaky, freakin' train.
Fifty states and lotsa restless voters,
Another half trillion thrown right down the drain.
All along the biways and the roads,
People carry heavy loads,
Economy has grinded to a halt.
Passin' bucks and passin' blame.
Who's in charge of this here train?
Obama and his pals--see, it's their fault.

Good night, America, God help you.
Hey, don't you know he hasn't got a clue?
He's the "brain" they call Barack Hussein Obama.
He'll have gone through tons more dough
Before he's through...

1 comment:

Carlos Perera said...

Gosh, was he ever this young?