Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Whoa, Nellie

Steynonline links to a blogger who calls the author of After America "a cheerful pessimist" and, well, I couldn't resist:

When the world's rushing off to Armageddon,
Can't forget that we've backed the lamest horse.
See, I'm only a cheerful pessimist,
Adamant and clear-sighted, of course.

I have heard people rant "that Steyn we're dreadin',"
When I say something "mean" about Islam.
But I'm only a cheerful pessimist
And I can't really ever stay glum.

I see the U.S.A.
Has gone and lost its way
And racking up an awesome debt.
But ev'ry Democrat
Sees nothin' wrong with that
And tells us O's "jobs plan" is a safe bet.

I could say that the Left's a Hostess twinkie--
Soft outside and full of fluffy stuff.
'Cuz I'm stuck with the truth,
It's a thing, forsooth,
Of which I cannot get enough.
Not enough...

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